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Don't be evil Can't be evil

Misaligned incentives often lead to societal problems. Politicians and corporations may prioritize short-term gains or personal interests over the greater good. Crypto offers a revolutionary solution: aligning incentives for mutual benefit. "Cant be evil" is superior to "Dont be evil".
An an example the CEO of Celsius, that stole billions, couldn't escape DeFi's automated repayment, returning funds to several protocols.

Incentives for coordinating humans

Crypto's core principles create a system where bad behavior is disincentivized and positive actions are rewarded through transparent, automated mechanisms DAOs leverage smart contracts to automate decision-making, eliminating the potential for human manipulation. Even if bad actors attempt to exploit the system, the code enforces fair and transparent operations.

Data Ownership and Permissionless Blockchains

Crypto allows people to take ownership of their data, currently controlled by corporations.This shift unlocks tremendous innovation because developers can build without needing permission from companies.

Financial Freedom

Imagine a financial system where money is permissionless, censorship-resistant, and independent of centralized control. This is the vision of Crypto, eliminating the limitations of traditional banking systems like restricted access during off-hours.

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